Welcome to Parent Talk with Kathy Salazar 

Learn how to talk to your children in language that builds confidence,

encourages responsibility and promotes respect, peace and family unity.

What Parents are saying...... 

"This type of knowledge should be 'required' to be a parent.... ♥ Thanks!"      Christine

"Kathy is an exceptionally enthusiastic and articulate speaker and teacher. Her empathy for our parental situations and challenges created a great atmosphere for learning."        Mike

"The parenting advice and tools I learned were ones that I could really use at home.  They have helped me become a better parent."                        Jami Altizer

"Thank you so much for sharing your parenting wisdom with us. Learning the Parent Talk skills has changed our lives and helped us realize the power of the words we choose and the actions we take when it comes to raising our children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."                                                                                                                                                   Amy and Darren 

"Great course! Thank you."     Dan

"I was surprised and pleased at how the material was so helpful and applicable with my 16 year old! Proof that it’s never too late to learn effective “Parent Talk”. Thanks!                               Jennifer

"Our parenting and communication skills with our children have changed mostly in the way we articulate our requests. Our overall communication with our children has improved.  We have almost completely stopped yelling and the stress level in the house has been downgraded."                                                                                                                      Brian and Kristina Hays

"It takes wisdom to have a good family, and understanding to make it strong."        

                          Proverbs 24:3

​It's all about choices...theirs, and ours!

In-service Teacher Talk training for Early Education teachers and staff. 



Meet for private Parent Talk sessions with Kathy in person or video chat online.

Parents and their preschoolers attend class together! Children play and practice their social skills. Parents attend helpful Parent Talk discussions.

  If your children's behavior and attitude causes you to feel anger and frustration too much of the time, your effectiveness in guiding and teaching them is weakened. They stop listening to you.  

     Parent Talk skills can transform your family. As you introduce new ‘Parent Talk’ into your home, a new calm begins to emerge. You feel back in control and children feel more secure. Behaviors and attitudes improve. Family harmony returns. Check out the many ways to learn some new Parent Talk skills today! 

Parent Talk classes or workshops are held at locations in the community.