You will receive: 

•  Parent Talk Facilitator Manual 

• 3 Parent Talk Workbooks (starter kit) 

• Power Point Presentation 

• 1 Supplemental Training DVD 

• Parent Talk Book 

The Only 3 Discipline Strategies You Will Ever Need Book 

• Graduation Certificate 

• Access to the Parent Talk Facilitator’s Website 

• On-going assistance and encouragement

By attending this training and becoming a Parent Talk Facilitator you will join the cadre of over 200 facilitators now practicing throughout the world. This select group is working diligently to improve family life in their communities. 

You might be thinking, "But I don't have any experience presenting to people." 

I promise you that if you take this training you will leave at the end of three days with the skills, tools and confidence to present this life-changing material to others. 

You will learn:
1.The Parent Talk System, including the 6 two-hour modules that teach parents the verbal skills necessary to raise responsible, caring, confident children.

2. Strategies that allow you to teach the verbal skills with expertise and confidence.

3. Promotional and publicity skills/tools to attract interested participants.

Parent Talk System Facilitator
3 Day Training Course
Facilitated by Kathy Salazar

Become a Parent Talk System Facilitator!

To Be Determined - North Orange County, California area

Cost: Early-bird special $649 
After January 5, 2021: $699


REGISTER NOW! If you are ready to begin an exciting and rewarding journey to help parents in your community raise responsible, caring, confident children into adulthood contact me today! I 

If you are not ready to register today but you ARE POSSIBLY INTERESTED please contact me. The number of participants will determine the location of the training so I would like to get an estimate of the number of possible registrants. Thank you

Are you passionate about raising children? Do you take your parenting role so seriously that you constantly look for ways to improve?

If you are passionate about the importance of parenting (your own children—as well as other people's) AND you would like to earn money helping others raise responsible, caring, confident children, you will want to read further.

This is a sincere invitation to check out an opportunity to become a certified trainer in the highly acclaimed Parent Talk System.

Chick Moorman, author and developer of The Parent Talk System is gradually stepping into retirement and has graciously endorsed me to lead Parent Talk System Facilitator Trainings. I am thrilled and honored to be able to offer this training in Southern California. I look forward to hearing from you and sincerely hope you will consider joining the movement of providing love-based, practical verbal skills to parents in your community.

God has blessed me richly through my experience as a Parent Talk Facilitator for the past 11 years. I would be honored to share the blessing of the Parent Talk System with you! 

2021 Dates: 
Saturday, January 23 -- 11:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday, January 24 -11:30am - 

Saturday, January 30 - 9:30am - 5:00pm

Program Specifics:

A Rewarding Experience Awaits You

​It's all about choices...theirs, and ours!

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Text or call me at 714-803-9928. 

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