My daughter has never felt more respected and happy, and I have never felt more confident and in-control of my parenting skills than during Kathy's classes.  There is zero judgment or criticism from the instructor or anyone else. Instead, it is a refreshing mix of understanding and support. The lessons are simple, and easy to follow. I cannot wait to enroll my second daughter in this beautifully cooperative, learning-rich environment.  

                                Allison Castellanos

       My son and I both loved and benefited greatly from this class.  We looked forward to each 2-hour session, usually staying after for free play with the other kids.  It really helped me to clarify what kind of parenting philosophies and techniques I wanted to use.  And since Jackson and I stay home together all day, it provided the social interaction that we both need but sometimes don’t get enough of. True to the class description, these meetings helped Jackson to develop his social skills, as well as to gain independence (kids are supervised by other parents while their parents are in discussion, and this was new for my son). 

      The cost of the class is also quite reasonable which is a help to one-income families like ours.  Kathy Salazar is extremely warm, kind and knowledgeable, and obviously enjoys teaching these very helpful preschool classes.    


       I was hungry for a different way to parent and relate to my daughter and through Mrs. Salazar's preschool class I discovered what I had been looking for. The class that was supposed to be for my daughter turned out to be for me!
After the first class ended, I signed up for the next session, and the next, and the next, and the next. I ate up everything Mrs. Salazar taught: the strategies, the words, the tone of voice and I began practicing those skills at home with my girls. At first, using these new parenting skills and strategies felt awkward. But they were effective and I felt good using them. And as I kept practicing, the skills started to become second nature. My confidence in being able to handle my strong willed daughter grew. I shifted away from feeling overwhelmed by my daughter’s strong will to appreciating the tenacious, determined person she is.
      Mrs. Salazar didn't teach me tips or tricks but practical parenting skills that have enabled and empowered me to be kind, respectful and gentle yet firm, with my child no matter the circumstances- no matter how difficult my child's behavior might be. Mrs. Salazar has taught me that my parenting doesn't have to stop at or be limited to what I inherited but that I can learn new skills, practice, and get better at it.
      Mrs. Salazar has helped me grow in confidence that I can be the leader and teacher my daughters want and need.  This is what Mrs. Salazar has done for me and I'm so grateful.


Parents' Comments

Preschool and Parent Talk Class

at  Grace Brethren Church

in Long Beach, California, 

Summer 2020. 

Due to the inability to safely and effectively maintain social distancing and to protect everyone's health, the summer Preschool and Parent Talk class has been suspended for now. 

I will surely miss our time together and I          look forward to hopefully resuming the          class in January.  

  I continue to teach the 6-session Parent Talk class for parents online via Zoom.  Please contact me if you have questions or are interested in the online class. 

Tuesday and Thursday mornings,

9:45- 11:45

July 14 - August 6, 2020

For 2, 3 and 4 year olds and a parent to attend together

Eight 2-hour class sessions 

$150 per child +

$15 materials fee

A limited number of younger siblings may attend with permission.

Contact Kathy for details.

"A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs up wrath." 

                                       Proverbs 15:1 


Preschool and Parent Talk Class

​It's all about choices...theirs, and ours!

​​Children and parents enjoy learning together in this unique class where children engage in a variety of fun and developmentally appropriate activities while parents supervise, learn and practice Parent Talk skills with the children.

As our 2-hour morning class begins at 9:45 we gather around the guitar and sing hello to all our friends. We enjoy a healthy and nutritious snack together before play time. 

​Interest centers for children include blocks, trains, cars and trucks  and  such.  Puzzles,  manipulatives, and  simple preschool games and toys are available            throughout play time. Children play 'house' or pretend to be doctors, chefs, nurses, florists, or grocers. ​

​​Each day children have opportunity to paint, work with play dough and many other fun activities. As children play and practice 'being together', parents employ and practice their guidance and Parent Talk techniques. 

​While some parents are interacting with children, other parents attend a 30 minute discussion group where parenting joys, concerns, encouragement and solutions are shared.​​​

Parents learn practical, effective skills that help and empower them to  be the parent they want to be!  

As group playtime ends we gather on the rug for a time of  simple  finger plays, rhymes, and singing. 

Then, as  we say farewell until next  time, we   exchange hugs and sing our  "I Love You So Much" song.

Throughout class parents are encouraged and coached in ways to help children build important social skills and to develop confidence. 

It is quite simply, a delightful way to spend the morning with your little one!

The class is designed for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. With special permission from the instructor some 'just under 2 year olds' are welcome.