• Training sessions can be conducted on one day or                        spread over several months.


  • ​Sessions are scheduled at your convenience - early                      mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends

  • Typical cost for a staff of 15 is $600 for all 3 sessions.

  • Additional discussion, coaching and demonstration                      sessions available.

​​​Staff Development Training for

Early Childhood Professionals​

​It's all about choices...theirs, and ours!



Session 1 

The One-Minute Behavior Modifier:
                 Respectfully and effectively modify children’s behavior and                      

  increase positive and helpful teacher-child interactions.

Session 2         
 The Dynamic Discipline Equation:

             Provide loving discipline with respect and appropriate authority that                changes behavior and teaches valuable life-long lessons. 

Session 3 
 Praise, Criticism and Self-Esteem
Praise kids using words that truly build confidence and self-esteem.
Replace criticism with helpful information when kids need correction.

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The Power of a Teacher’s Words